Monday, December 12, 2011

The Walking Dead: Vol. 2

In The Walking Dead: Miles Behind Us,  issues 7-12 are collected. If you've read the first volume or seen the show, you know you're in for a treat. The ending of issue 6 was a shocker, but it's not over yet. People will die. Everyone will get sad. Homes will be found. Dreams will be crushed. Warning Signs about zombie infestations will not be clearly displayed. But. You will enjoy reading this so much you will want to buy the next 10 volumes. As stories often show, people have a lot of depth and a lot of problems. The Zombie-Apocolypse helps to bring that "stuff out of you. There will be some tear-jerking moments, as well as some "Whaaaaaaat!!!" 's. You will enjoy. I promise. Cheese Out. 5.5/5

The Walking Dead: Vol. 1

The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye is volume 1 of the collected series, containing issues 1-6 of Robert Kirkman's famous zombie series. (-Made even more famous by the television series on AMC). The TV show is awesome (very awesome), but don't expect the story in the show and comic to match up perfectly. I don't think many people see that as a bad thing and neither should you. Two different formats require two different interpretations. The comic, being the original story is totally worth checking out. It's really well done. Here we follow Sheriff Rick Grimes after he awakes from a coma in a world unimaginable - a nightmare...full of zombies. He's on the move and trying to find his wife and son- without getting killed, of course. This series is the perfect combination between drama and zombie-apocalypse. When your world is turned upside-down and everything you know is gone, how will you act? How will it change you? You have to check this out! Be prepared for an amazing ending in issue 6! 5.5/5 


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mega Man #1-7

Mega Man is a series I had past by many times on the shelves of my local comic shop. I recently had the opportunity to get many issues for cheap at the farmer's market. I bought them. They were awesome! The writing is very simple. It's great for all ages and the artwork is very "...cute". Well, I like it! Mega Man starts us off from the beginning of the famous videogame character's story. The characters are colorful both physically and mentally. Anybody would have a good time reading this series. I think Archie comics has stumbled on something great here. Their, Sonic the Hedgehog series has been going on since 1993. I suspect that well written and well drawn videogame character comics are a smart move. I think its just great. 4.5/5
Here's some fun Mega Man art (not from the comic):

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wolverine #17 & #18

This is really cool. Wolverine needs money to start his school. He's going back to San Fransisco to get some of his savings. Apparently, he's acquired a lot of cash over the years, especially when he worked as a ringleader of crime or something like that in some sort of crazy story arc. Anyway - Logan needs money from his old place in Chinatown. It's been stolen. Time to go on an action adventure to get in back. This saga is like X-Men meets Indiana Jones meets King Kong meets Big Trouble in Little China (great movie, look it up). Be in store for a great team-up amongst great characters.This is fun stuff and what Wolverine is best for. No costumes. Just some good old-fashioned butt kicking. I can't wait for issue 19! Buy it! 5/5

Daredevil #1-5

Daredevil is quite possibly the best Marvel series I have ever read (at least within the past few months)! You have to check this out. I never really new much about him, besides his origin story. He's blind - He has super powers - He's a lawyer. Its all really great. The two best things about this series are the old(new) school art and the lawyer concept coming more into play in the super-heroics of Matt Murdock. The art is very simple yet very full. It feels old but has a very new flavor. The story is really wrapped up in Daredevil's un-costumed life as a lawyer. The series is amazing in the fact that I may know nothing of his past (and his past is very important to why people are treating Daredevil the way they are), but it doesn't matter. I'm witnessing a great street hero deal with his problems,-- and all with a smile on both our faces. 5.5/5

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Voodoo #1,#2, & #3

Voodoo is pretty cool. She calls herself Priscilla. Her goal: study humanity in order to aid in their destruction. Her race or group of extraterrestrials are shape-shifters and quite clever. Its hard to tell if they have a definite form - they all look different. Issue number three really dabbles more into their intent and ability. Green Lantern is suppose to be equipped with information about all lifeforms, but he knows nothing of Voodoo's people.

Voodoo is going to study the heroes of the DC universe. The series seems like it will follow her around the world as she wanders and gathers intelligence. She is very dull and cold. She isn't a hero, but she's not really a villain. I'm curious as to what her personality will develop into. It is as if Marvel gave the Skrulls or a Skrull their own series. DC might have stumbled onto something great. The art is also very very awesome! Keep an eye out for this series! 4/5

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wolverine and the X-Men #1

I don't know much about the X-Men. So, I am sure I am providing an interesting perspective on this particular issue. My summing up of things will be very simple:::: Wolverine and Cyclops are no longer friends. While Cyclops leads one group of mutants, Wolverine will lead another. Our furry friend will reopen the school for mutants that we all no and love: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning (now the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning). That's not all you need to know--- but that's all I know. Even with the little information I know about the X-Men and their current predicament, I can tell you that this issue was great! I can't wait to read more! Wolverine in the position of Professor is a great idea! With Public Inspectors coming to witness if the school is fit to run, the issues storytelling is provided a great way to introduce characters and to witness the future antics of this group of mutants, as we walk through the school. The issue was light-hearted and kinda sweet. I can't wait to grab issue 2! 5.5/5

Batman #1 & #2

Batman is awesome! Little has changed for Batman in this title, even though so much has been affected throughout the DC Universe because of the New 52. But the reboot will offer readers a great place to start. If you like Batman, I suggest you go pick this up. Some  reviewers have called this series "the best" of the New 52. Although, I disagree - It is very very good. You'll witness great action and also experience an awesome view of Batman and Gotham and their bond with one another. The first pages of issue one will make your jaw-drop. The helicopter scene in issue 2 is amazing (as depicted in the cover). Be prepared to witness Batman try to solve the murders of an Owl-themed assassin. It would appear that these murders have a lot to do with the Wayne legacy in Gotham City.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comics I'm Interested in: Uncanny X-Force

I've read #'s 15 and 16 of this series just for kicks. I'm in the middle of this series - so I don't feel I have much right to judge and review it, but I will say this: I'm definitely jumping on board. The covers are amazing! The art on the inside is just as amazing! Giant Evil Iceman! Deadpool! Wolverine! I'm super interested!

X-23 #16

I saw this comic cover and became very interested in the series. It had me asking: "Who is X-23?" According to ComicVine, she is a clone of Wolverine, trained to be the perfect assassin, and now she's a good guy. Cool! This issue's cover is obviously awesome. Hands down! That's an illustration of X-23 taken over by the Uni-Power. In this story she uses the power of the universe ( <-- ) to save Sue Richard's (of the Fantastic Four) child from some sort of demon. It's really cool. I'm going to jump on board this series and possibly some other Wolverine-themed series. Have a Super Day! 4/5

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Favorites!

1. Daredevil - Awesome story. Awesome old-school art. Very original. Down to Earth. Lawyers.
2. The Mighty Thor - Thor rules. Everything is epic. There's a lot that comes with being a god.
3. Venom - Undercover. The symbiote is used for good. Check it out!
4. The New Avengers - Street Avengers. Great team. I expect awesome things.
5. FF - great art. very colorful.
6. Black Panther - Awesome character. Cool simplistic art.


Here's a list of some of my favorites from DC's current line-up of series! (In a sortof particular order - #1 being the best)

1. O.M.A.C. - Awesome 70s style art, cool story, cool weaponry
2. Superboy - Love the story, a great main character with a lot of depth and story to come.
3. I, Vampire - Story, Story, Story! This ain't your teenage sister's vampire love story!
4. Flash - New amazing powers. Omnipotence? God complex? - coming your way!
5. Action Comics - I love Superman. End of story.
6. All-Star Western -A great look at Gotham's past. Awesome art.
7. Nightwing - I love the setting here. Gotham. Circus. Awesome.
8. Demon Knights -Very Funny.
9. Batwing -Africa needs more superheroes!
10. Animal Man/Swamp Thing - A great story going on in both these series. THe GREEN. THe RED.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Mighty Thor (2011) 1-6

I'm a big Thor fan. Anything Thor-related with Oliver Coipel artwork is a must-have for me. Beautiful stuff to look at. The story by Matt Fraction is also very cool. A very powerful object is within the hands of the Asgardians. This object has enough power to feed Galactus forever. Galactus is a being who consumes worlds containg sentient life in order to sustain himself. If their was a way to stop that hunger, his herald, the Silver Surfer, would find it. The Asgardians won't give it up without a fight though. And whats with this tiny preacher - this little neighbor of the Asgardians - ? Be prepared for new revelations with the young Loki and a big change for the Silver Surfer. (or can we even call him that anymore?) Beautiful stuff here. A great read. Pick it up! (btw the writers do a great job of giving you a little opening title full of information about the current goings-on in the series. - Don't be afraid.) 5/5

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive (2011) 523.1 & 524

 I'm usually a DC guy -- but some characters in Marvel are really awesome. I'm a big fan of Black Panther. Comic Vine is going to help me give you a little back-story on Black Panther. They define him as follows: T'Challa is the Black Panther, the super genius warrior king of the African nation of Wakanda, the most technologically advanced nation on Earth. He is one of the smartest men in the Marvel Universe, a former Avenger, and Storm's husband. Black Panther was the first mainstream black Marvel superhero. Currently, he has relinquished his active role and power in Africa. His sister is the new " Black Panther" over there. --More from Comic Vine: ...he has established an undercover identity in Hell's Kitchen as Mr Okonkwo, the manager of the Devil's Kitchen restaurant. Through this civilian identity T'Challa is seeking to familiarize himself with his newfound neighbors in the Hell's Kitchen area. Part of his new venture is relinquishing every aspect of the Black Panther identity. He no longer has his Wakandan tech, metahuman abilities or his vibranium suit. He refuses to return to Wakanda...

So about the two issues... They were great! The point-one issue, 523.1, was a great read and allowed me to quickly familiarize myself with the character. He's cunning, smart, and strong. The writers are doing a great job at showing readers a man who is trying to reinvent himself as a hero. Very cool. Issue 524 was a tie in with Spider-Island. Short and Sweet: People are infected with a virus that gives them Spider-man's abilities. Unfortunately, many people are mutating into Spider creatures. Black Panther has six arms! Its a fun issue. No real story here. But very very cool. I love the feel of this series and I'm definitely going to stick with it. 4/5

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Batwing #1 & #2

Batwing, spawns from the Batman Incorporated Series that has occurred within the past year. Batman Inc., a concept of the original Batman, is his creation and training of other Batmans across the world. The idea is that Batman will be a force and symbol directly opposing the force of crime throughout the whole world. Batwing is the Batman of Africa. He has a lair. He has gadgets. He has drive. --- And he has an amazing artist drawing him. The artwork here is like a painting on every page. I'll need to read  a few more issues in order to see if the story is worth further reading. But, for now, the art is beautiful enough for me to want to buy the upcoming issues. Be prepared for Blood and Gore, suspense, and an appearance from the original Batman. Check out David Zavimbe kicking ass as Batwing! Africa truly needs him, now more than ever. 4/5

I, Vampire #1

I, Vampire, I'll admit was a very random choice of mine. I picked it primarily because after sitting on the shelf for 2.5 weeks, it was the last one left. Which means that word leaked out on the web ---- It was great! I'm already hooked on this series through the first issue. Our main character, Andrew Bennett, has been a vampire for a long long time now. He has learned to control his urge to consume human blood. HE CARES.The women he loves, Mary, is also a vampire, - Andrew bit her hundreds of years ago and made her that way. Andrew doesn't necessarily enjoy being a vampire. Mary loves it. She wants to kill all of man,  AND POSSIBLY TAKE DOWN SOME SUPERHEROS to do it. Mary, Queen of the Damned, would like vampires to no longer hide in the shadows - She wants them to rule the world! Andrew loves her, but he must stop her. This issue was so great that it made me check out some of the House of Mystery issues from the 70s staring Andrew and Mary. They seem awesome too! All in all, the art and story of I,Vampire are really amazing! I can't wait for issue two which comes out this coming Wednesday! 5.5/5