Monday, December 12, 2011

The Walking Dead: Vol. 2

In The Walking Dead: Miles Behind Us,  issues 7-12 are collected. If you've read the first volume or seen the show, you know you're in for a treat. The ending of issue 6 was a shocker, but it's not over yet. People will die. Everyone will get sad. Homes will be found. Dreams will be crushed. Warning Signs about zombie infestations will not be clearly displayed. But. You will enjoy reading this so much you will want to buy the next 10 volumes. As stories often show, people have a lot of depth and a lot of problems. The Zombie-Apocolypse helps to bring that "stuff out of you. There will be some tear-jerking moments, as well as some "Whaaaaaaat!!!" 's. You will enjoy. I promise. Cheese Out. 5.5/5

The Walking Dead: Vol. 1

The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye is volume 1 of the collected series, containing issues 1-6 of Robert Kirkman's famous zombie series. (-Made even more famous by the television series on AMC). The TV show is awesome (very awesome), but don't expect the story in the show and comic to match up perfectly. I don't think many people see that as a bad thing and neither should you. Two different formats require two different interpretations. The comic, being the original story is totally worth checking out. It's really well done. Here we follow Sheriff Rick Grimes after he awakes from a coma in a world unimaginable - a nightmare...full of zombies. He's on the move and trying to find his wife and son- without getting killed, of course. This series is the perfect combination between drama and zombie-apocalypse. When your world is turned upside-down and everything you know is gone, how will you act? How will it change you? You have to check this out! Be prepared for an amazing ending in issue 6! 5.5/5