Monday, November 28, 2011

Wolverine #17 & #18

This is really cool. Wolverine needs money to start his school. He's going back to San Fransisco to get some of his savings. Apparently, he's acquired a lot of cash over the years, especially when he worked as a ringleader of crime or something like that in some sort of crazy story arc. Anyway - Logan needs money from his old place in Chinatown. It's been stolen. Time to go on an action adventure to get in back. This saga is like X-Men meets Indiana Jones meets King Kong meets Big Trouble in Little China (great movie, look it up). Be in store for a great team-up amongst great characters.This is fun stuff and what Wolverine is best for. No costumes. Just some good old-fashioned butt kicking. I can't wait for issue 19! Buy it! 5/5


  1. The design of this dragon is really good. I will love the comic just becase this gragon.

  2. Totally agree, This story was just an awesome stand alone Wolverine story. Plus all of Garney's art should be made into posters, they just scream to be put on walls or as Backgrounds. If you were wondering about the whole crime syndicate thing, I think that was back in the Wolverine: Weapon X series (not 100% on that) but the story is just as good if you can get a hold of it.