Saturday, November 12, 2011

X-23 #16

I saw this comic cover and became very interested in the series. It had me asking: "Who is X-23?" According to ComicVine, she is a clone of Wolverine, trained to be the perfect assassin, and now she's a good guy. Cool! This issue's cover is obviously awesome. Hands down! That's an illustration of X-23 taken over by the Uni-Power. In this story she uses the power of the universe ( <-- ) to save Sue Richard's (of the Fantastic Four) child from some sort of demon. It's really cool. I'm going to jump on board this series and possibly some other Wolverine-themed series. Have a Super Day! 4/5


  1. Oh, really? I didn't know this before. I even don't more about her. I thought this girl is a bad guy, and she was made to kill the Wolverine. I do know she is more powerful and stronger than the Wolverine, like a killer machine. But I didn't know she is a good guy.

  2. X-23 and Daken: Dark Wolverine are really awesome series for flushing out the Wolverine-verse. X-23 getting pretty good, and I think new issue that just came out is a good jumping on point if you wanted to start following.

    @Yang I think I know what your refering to, with X-23's origin series. If I remember right, she did start out bad, but the Weapon x-esque group that made her lost control and she got out.