Saturday, October 22, 2011

I, Vampire #1

I, Vampire, I'll admit was a very random choice of mine. I picked it primarily because after sitting on the shelf for 2.5 weeks, it was the last one left. Which means that word leaked out on the web ---- It was great! I'm already hooked on this series through the first issue. Our main character, Andrew Bennett, has been a vampire for a long long time now. He has learned to control his urge to consume human blood. HE CARES.The women he loves, Mary, is also a vampire, - Andrew bit her hundreds of years ago and made her that way. Andrew doesn't necessarily enjoy being a vampire. Mary loves it. She wants to kill all of man,  AND POSSIBLY TAKE DOWN SOME SUPERHEROS to do it. Mary, Queen of the Damned, would like vampires to no longer hide in the shadows - She wants them to rule the world! Andrew loves her, but he must stop her. This issue was so great that it made me check out some of the House of Mystery issues from the 70s staring Andrew and Mary. They seem awesome too! All in all, the art and story of I,Vampire are really amazing! I can't wait for issue two which comes out this coming Wednesday! 5.5/5

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