Saturday, October 22, 2011

Batwing #1 & #2

Batwing, spawns from the Batman Incorporated Series that has occurred within the past year. Batman Inc., a concept of the original Batman, is his creation and training of other Batmans across the world. The idea is that Batman will be a force and symbol directly opposing the force of crime throughout the whole world. Batwing is the Batman of Africa. He has a lair. He has gadgets. He has drive. --- And he has an amazing artist drawing him. The artwork here is like a painting on every page. I'll need to read  a few more issues in order to see if the story is worth further reading. But, for now, the art is beautiful enough for me to want to buy the upcoming issues. Be prepared for Blood and Gore, suspense, and an appearance from the original Batman. Check out David Zavimbe kicking ass as Batwing! Africa truly needs him, now more than ever. 4/5

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