Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Batman #1 & #2

Batman is awesome! Little has changed for Batman in this title, even though so much has been affected throughout the DC Universe because of the New 52. But the reboot will offer readers a great place to start. If you like Batman, I suggest you go pick this up. Some  reviewers have called this series "the best" of the New 52. Although, I disagree - It is very very good. You'll witness great action and also experience an awesome view of Batman and Gotham and their bond with one another. The first pages of issue one will make your jaw-drop. The helicopter scene in issue 2 is amazing (as depicted in the cover). Be prepared to witness Batman try to solve the murders of an Owl-themed assassin. It would appear that these murders have a lot to do with the Wayne legacy in Gotham City.


  1. I'm just jumping in on DC as of The New 52 reboot, and I agree Batman is really turning head right out of the gate. I also picked up Detective Comics post New 52 and The two series alone have really warmed me up to diving deeper into DC. As a fan of those series, are there any other runs you would suggest for me that are in the vein of this kind of comic in the New 52?

  2. Nightwing, Nightwing, Nightwing --- Its pretty great. Dick is a great character, with a beautiful history. He and Daredevil have a similar feel. Batwing is a new idea. Regardless of him being Batman-themed, a hero in Africa is a pretty awesome idea. Beautiful Art. OMAC - old school art and a Hulk without all the baggage of history. Stormwatch - a cross between X-men, Justice League, and X-files. Its a lot of fun. Swamp Thing and Animal Man are dark and sinister. Superboy's got a great feel to it. All-Star Western is a great look into Gotham as a whole. Captain Atom, Flash, Wonder Woman, Red Hood, --- all very good. I, Vampire is just Beautiful to watch and read.