Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Savage Hawkman #1

With some of my favorite art so far out of the New 52, The Savage Hawkman #1 provided some awesome visuals. It was fun. The open scene was very cool. Carter Hall no longer wishes to be Hawkman. The story progresses into a battle--- The whole book left me feeling okay. Out of so much to choose from and purchase in the comic book world, this series is something I will simply have to keep my eye on. Maybe a couple more issues will make this series into something special. We'll just have to wait and see. If you like Hawkman and great art, go check it out. 3/5
Who is Hawkman?

Demon Knights #1


A surprising favorite of mine, Demon Knights #1 is a great example of the awesome possibilities the New 52 holds for the DC Universe. We are dealing with an oppurtunity for a great series here. This first issue was awesome. Demon Knights seems to be a group of medieval fantasy characters from the DC Universe gathering together - with Etrigan the Demon as the head-lining star. For those of you who don't know who he is, Comic Vine defines him as follows:  The Demon is a being created by Merlin of the middle ages who merged together Jason Blood the druid and Etrigan, one of the greatest demons of Hell. Together they now work as one of the oddest heroes. Jason and Etrigan are two different sides to the same coin. Jason- when he feels it is needed --- will transform himself into the being known as: Etrigan the Demon. This is a fun twist on the whole -superhero-alter-ego -- thing. What if your alter-ego is an entirely different person? I love the whole medieval fantasy genre + superheroes idea! Here's your chance to see an old-school character brought to new life! GO buy it! 5.5/5 (it was that cool) Keep the cheese -I'mout!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Action Comics #1

A brand new version of the Man of Steel is out this month in Action Comics #1! The original Action Comics volume started in June of 1938. Superman's been the star for almost all of the issues ----904 issues to be exact.  So this, my friends, is a huge (HUGE!) change. Months ago, DC Comics decided to reboot and restart 52 series.  I'll start with a fresh overview and review of Action Comics #1 as we dive into DC's NEW 52.

 Action Comics #1 represents a new fresh Superman. He's in a world where nobody's really sure what to make of superheroes. Can we trust them? At a guess, I'd say Superman is in the start of his superhero career. He's younger and different in plenty of ways. As Clark Kent, he's a young risk-taking journalist who seems reserved and weak(for lack of a better word). As Superman, he's a bad-ass! He's using fear to get evildoers to do the right thing! Besides personality changes, he's in a fresh costume! Superman can't fly yet --- but he can jump --- really far! Now, he feels pain and bleeds. He's still super, but more human-- or dare I say: "down to Earth". Be prepared for a Metropolis VS. Superman ongoing battle. Also- The premiere of one of my favorite vilians: Lex Luthor! It was an amazing issue! 5/5 stars! Get Out and Buy It!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey There!...

Welcome to Comic Cheese! Here is where you'll get all of your fresh comic book info. We'll review comic books, new and old. Comic Cheese is a place where we can openly discuss anything comic book related! Other things covered: graphic novels, comic book movies, comic book story-lines, and comic book philosophy. You are encouraged to explore your inner-nerd and a whole new world--- fictional universes where anything can happen! Enjoy. Comic Cheese - out and delicious.

PS: We'll be covering a lot about DC Comics recent reboot: The New 52! Get out to your local comic store and buy some brand new #1 comic books!