Sunday, November 6, 2011


Here's a list of some of my favorites from DC's current line-up of series! (In a sortof particular order - #1 being the best)

1. O.M.A.C. - Awesome 70s style art, cool story, cool weaponry
2. Superboy - Love the story, a great main character with a lot of depth and story to come.
3. I, Vampire - Story, Story, Story! This ain't your teenage sister's vampire love story!
4. Flash - New amazing powers. Omnipotence? God complex? - coming your way!
5. Action Comics - I love Superman. End of story.
6. All-Star Western -A great look at Gotham's past. Awesome art.
7. Nightwing - I love the setting here. Gotham. Circus. Awesome.
8. Demon Knights -Very Funny.
9. Batwing -Africa needs more superheroes!
10. Animal Man/Swamp Thing - A great story going on in both these series. THe GREEN. THe RED.

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