Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comics I'm Interested in: Uncanny X-Force

I've read #'s 15 and 16 of this series just for kicks. I'm in the middle of this series - so I don't feel I have much right to judge and review it, but I will say this: I'm definitely jumping on board. The covers are amazing! The art on the inside is just as amazing! Giant Evil Iceman! Deadpool! Wolverine! I'm super interested!


  1. Been reading uncanny X-Force since issue 1, and trust me you should definitely get the tpb or back issues for it. The series strikes an excellent balance between dark humor and viseral mutant action. I think the first three collections are on amazon currently at reduced prices, and those will get you up to speed. Here's a link to them:

    If you get them comment back with what you thought. It's really one of my favorite series along with the new Venom, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Incredible Hulk, and Amazing Spider-Man.

  2. Thanks man!
    Yeah, I also love the new Venom and current Spider-Man. Spider-Island reminded me of All-Star Superman. Regardless of whatever the power is - it requires responsibility -- and Peter and Clark really have the qualities to handle their given powers. We see when other people have them, they do not have the ability or personality to use them wisely.