Monday, November 28, 2011

Daredevil #1-5

Daredevil is quite possibly the best Marvel series I have ever read (at least within the past few months)! You have to check this out. I never really new much about him, besides his origin story. He's blind - He has super powers - He's a lawyer. Its all really great. The two best things about this series are the old(new) school art and the lawyer concept coming more into play in the super-heroics of Matt Murdock. The art is very simple yet very full. It feels old but has a very new flavor. The story is really wrapped up in Daredevil's un-costumed life as a lawyer. The series is amazing in the fact that I may know nothing of his past (and his past is very important to why people are treating Daredevil the way they are), but it doesn't matter. I'm witnessing a great street hero deal with his problems,-- and all with a smile on both our faces. 5.5/5

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