Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stormwatch # 1 & 2

If you haven't noticed DC's New 52 is a clean slate and great jumping on point for new readers. I'd like to remind you that all of these characters - well, most of them - have interesting histories. Some of these new titles are from other companies now owned by DC Comics. Stormwatch is a team from the Wildstorm line of comics. The team started up in 1993 and in that series it was a team of heroes for the United Nations. In this new series in the DC universe, Stormwatch is an ancient and very secret group that combats alien threats. Its so secret that it hides most of its activities from the rest of the superhero community, like the Justice League. These issues focus on some sort of alien threat occurring on the moon (or is the moon) --- and its trying to prepare us (humanity) by hurting us. Apparently there is a great threat coming our way. The team, including Martian Manhunter (originally from the JLA), are out recruiting the "big guns" for their team. This includes a man named Apollo who seems to be a match for Superman. He also seems to handle justice in a strong-armed fear-driven way. The series has a real superhero-scifi feel to it. Its very cool and everything seems to be happening on a grand scale right from the beginning. Be prepared for a "from above" analysis of the DC Universe in this comic series. These two issues were great. I look forward to next month's #3! 4.5/5


  1. Yeah man, check it out. I've read 1-3 now and can say for certain that I'll be staying on board.