Monday, October 3, 2011

All-Star Western #1

All-Star Western #1 Kicks butt! Another great series added to DC (well, more like a reboot). All-Star Western was a series from the 50s and early 60s that was restarted for a short time in the 70s --- and now its back and better than ever. Unlike those series, this stars Jonah Hex and his unwanted sidekick Amadeus Arkham (creator of Arkham Asylum - the place where Batman sends the baddies), in Gotham City. This issue is full of cool fights and detective work. The issue also includes a great psychological analysis of Hex by Dr. Arkham, which is a great introduction to both characters. It's really a "crime" genre comic book. Somebody is killing hookers - end of story (its pretty gruesome). But as the comic goes on ----well I don't want to spoil it!!! It's awesome. This series is going to provide a great history of Gotham city back in the days of the Wild West. Well go ahead, get your western-super(natural)hero fix on --------buy it!!! 5.5/5 (really, really, really good) 

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