Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Green Arrow # 1 & 2

Green Arrow (The New 52) is a half-decent series. I love the covers. The art on the inside feels kind-of cheesy to me. It seems like something bad out of the 90s. The story is okay. The panels flow okay. The villains want to be famous online video sensations. Green Arrow is growing a list of enemies who want to take him down live on the internet. Yeah its as "cool" as it sounds...    ----    This new series is a slightly re-visioned version of the original. Oliver Queen is a master archer who has a small team, building cool gadgets for him at his company Q-Core, which is famous publicly for producing Q-phones and Q-pads. Perhaps when Ollie gets better villains the series will evolve into something great. But right now he seems like a new hero trying to find out where he fits. He only hints at his reason for being a hero. All in all these two issues are okay. 
I really miss the beard!


  1. 2.5! Damn Ray, you're cold. The beard was pretty sweet.

  2. Thanks for the insight. Keep up the good work!