Thursday, October 6, 2011

O.M.A.C. 1 & 2

I find this series to be pretty cool so far! Issues one and two are great! We are thrown into the world of OMAC the One Machine Army Corps. He really is Kevin Kho a scientist at Cadmus (a technologies business in Metropolis), who gets taken control of by the mysterious Brother EYE (a satellite in the sky apparently).

One word: RETRO. This series really feels like a 70s comic book. It makes reading it a really unique experience. I also think it adds to the fight scenes in a positive way - especially in the second issue.

The only downside is that at this point (2 issues in), I really don't have a strong feel for the characters and where they are going development-wise. But this was a fun read. I will definitely keep up on it for that unique retro feel. Pretty Awesome! 4.1/5 

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