Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Demon Knights #1


A surprising favorite of mine, Demon Knights #1 is a great example of the awesome possibilities the New 52 holds for the DC Universe. We are dealing with an oppurtunity for a great series here. This first issue was awesome. Demon Knights seems to be a group of medieval fantasy characters from the DC Universe gathering together - with Etrigan the Demon as the head-lining star. For those of you who don't know who he is, Comic Vine defines him as follows:  The Demon is a being created by Merlin of the middle ages who merged together Jason Blood the druid and Etrigan, one of the greatest demons of Hell. Together they now work as one of the oddest heroes. Jason and Etrigan are two different sides to the same coin. Jason- when he feels it is needed --- will transform himself into the being known as: Etrigan the Demon. This is a fun twist on the whole -superhero-alter-ego -- thing. What if your alter-ego is an entirely different person? I love the whole medieval fantasy genre + superheroes idea! Here's your chance to see an old-school character brought to new life! GO buy it! 5.5/5 (it was that cool) Keep the cheese -I'mout!


  1. I don't even remember this as an original title but it sounds pretty sweet!

  2. DEMON 1972
    pretty cool stuff
    I forgot to mention that the Demon/Jason is immortal -- so he's had plenty of run-ins and team-ups with members of the DC universe.